Dr. Jimmy Steger, N.D., Ph.D., DNM. Naturopath,  Nutritionist, Iridologist

Dr. Jimmy Steger is the President and CEO of J.S. Training Systems Inc., a total healthcare business which provides the very best in Wholistic health care, a full service health club and martial arts training facility.  Dr. Steger uses a combination of nutrition, herbal and homeopathic medicines when treating and educating his patients. Dr. Steger’s clinic also utilizes Iridology, Japanese Shiatsu, Reiki and Reflexology to bring a total Wholistic approach to treating his patients and clients.

Dr. Steger started his first diet program when he was just 12 years of age by eliminating all refined sugar and white flour from his diet. By the time he was 17 he had already established a personal training business (HARDBODIES by Jimmy Steger) and was training people full time.  By the time he was 25,  J.S. Training Systems Inc.  had expanded nationwide and Dr. Steger was voted the number one personal trainer in America.

Dr. Steger trains amateur and professional athletes all over the world for sport specific training and puts them on diet programs so they can be the best in their field.  Regardless of what the sport may be, he has a complete nutritional program that he designs for the individual based on their chemical type and individual health problems.  After all who better than to put together a program for you than a 15x World Karate Champion who has over 38 years of professional experience in the field of Natural Medicine and Professional Training.

Dr. Steger has won numerous natural bodybuilding championships and is the current 15x World Karate Champion, 2x European Karate Champion and 7x National Kung-Fu Champion. He writes nutrition columns for natural healthcare and martial arts magazines nationwide. Dr. Steger also gives nutritional and personal training seminars. He is currently working on a full nutritional CD library. His book, “The Nutrition Factor” can be ordered by calling our office. Dr. Steger has a full nutritional line of supplements which may be purchased by going to the supplement page on the site or calling our office.

For more information on a customized nutritional or personal training program, contact us at or call Dr. Steger’s clinic at 251-660-1240

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