I heard about Dr. Steger through a friend of mind. I went to see him and was so blown away about what he knew about the human body and eating, I went into his program full steam ahead.  After just 4 shorts weeks on his program, I feel totally different now and so thankful for his passion in the feild of natural medicine, what a blessing he has been to me and my entire family.  Rhonda D. Mobile AL

I went to Dr. Steger with severe arthritis and high blood pressure. He set me up on a program specifically for my health conditions with diet and supplements.  After just 6 weeks, I am feeling alive again without the severe pain in my knees and hips. My blood pressure is much better and I am not taking any meds anymore.  It’s nice to know someone out there really cares about peoples health and well being. God Bless you Dr. Steger and thanks again for you help.  Betty S. Pensacola FL

I have suffered from diabetes for 20 years.  I used to take 2 meds daily for this and starting having problems with my legs and eyesight.  My friend told me about Dr. Steger and I called him up and got started right away on his program.  Within 8 weeks on his program my blood sugar went from 220-250 daily on meds to 180-195 drug free.  So I can say without a doubt, his program has worked for me and my legs no longer hurt.  I have lost weight and feel great all the time now.  Thank you so much for transforming my life.  Rita H.  Los Angeles CA.

As a medical doctor my self I have suffered for years with IBS and other health conditions. I called Dr. Steger up,  I was so impressed I had my entire staff of nurses call him up to do a phone consult so he could help us all.  He really knows about nutrition beyound anyone else I have ever met and that is why our company has been with him for the past 15 years.  Thanks for keeping me going and staying healthy so I can help my own patients.  Dr. Reynolds MD  Boston MA

My husband had severe skin conditions and was not getting anywhere with the medical doctors and all the drugs he was taking.  After 10 years of going to different doctors, we heard about Dr. Steger and immediately went to see him.  Within 3 weeks, my husbands skin starting looking better and his entire disposition and health starting turning around.  What a difference you have made in our lives and thanks for your help and support. You are always there for us.  Catherine W.  Moss Pt MS.

I have been a Registered Nurse working in the ER for over 20 years. One day I started having chest pains and I thought I was having a heart attack. My doctor I was working for checked me out and did all the standard test we typicaly run on patients.  He could not find anything wrong.  My nurse friend told me about Dr. Steger, so I thought I would give him a try. The info he shared with me was mind blowing on how the heart and nutrients work to make a person healthy so I said let’s do this.  In two weeks I had more energy, slept better and have been with him for 5 years now with no more issues with my heart and I feel great all the time. The program is a little tough sometimes to stay on but it’s worth every bit of it ! Thank you so much.  Laura J.  Washington DC

My mother was diagnosed with Liver Cancer 10 years ago.  The Oncologist said she would not see Christmas and this was in August 2005. He wrote us off and said good luck.  A friend of mine told me about Dr. Steger and said she had a friend of hers who used him for breast cancer 4 years ago and was doing great. We called him and he came to us because my mother could barely get out of bed. He thoroughly explained in detail about Cancer and how it works.  The family decided to start his nutrition protocol right away. Within two weeks we started to see a turn around in my mother and could not believe it.  She continued to get better and now here we are December 2015 and my mother has never felt better. The Oncologist and her primary care doctor was so blowed away they supported us and said whatever your doing, keep it up because he saved you.  So all I can say is thank God for Dr. Steger.  God is good and so is he.  Reanna G. Mobile AL

My infant son had severe breathing problems since he was about 12 months old, We called Dr. Steger and he said to bring him in and let’s talk about diet.  I thought, diet, what’s that got to do with his breathing. So we went in and seen him and he really educated us on proper diet and how the body works.  After learning about all the things we were doing wrong, he got us straight and my sons lungs cleaned up in no time.  He got well and looking better within two weeks and we have not had anymore lung issues with my son since then.  Wow what a relief….He sure knows his stuff and I can honestly say. Our very own pediatrician could not help us at all on this.  So Dr. Steger is who we see for all our sick care issues now, 10 years and never felt better.  Amazing !!!!  Joan D. Nashville TN

I have had chronic bowel problems for 15 years and have seen many medical doctors about my condition.  None of them ever helped me get well until I went to see Dr. Steger.  Talking about a different attitude. This guy blew me away with his initial consult.  I have been on his program for 6 years now and I have never felt better.  I felt like a new person within 7 days on his program and tell everyone I know about him.  He is the real deal so if you want to be healthy, he’s the doctor I recommend to eveyone. Yours truly,  Bobby W. Montgomery AL.

I started seeing Dr. Steger when I was just 24 years old with chronic yeast infections.  He got me over this and feeling better that I have felt in my short adult life.  Now I am 49 and can honestly say, turning 50 is going to be a blessing thanks to Dr. Steger.  I have not had one yeast infection and no health issues since being on his diet program and supplement protocol for all these years.  Great job, your the best love always.  Julie F.  Spanish Ft AL